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Little Purses

15 Nov

pocketbooks.jpgThese really turned out cute and were the perfect size for 18″ dolls.  The little bags are actually wedding favor baskets. 

Supplies for Little Purses:

1. Satin party favor baskets
2. Adhesive backed ribbon
3. Colored Sharpies
4. Fabric Glue
5. Acrylic Gemstones
6. Fringe
7. Stickers


1. Color bag with Sharpie marker and/or wrap ribbon or fringe around bag
2.  Peel backing from ribbon or use fabric glue to stick it on.
3. Use fabric glue to add acrylic gems.
4. Stickers and felt shapes can be added too.

Cool Pens and Pencils

12 Nov

pen hands

We purchased these pens for about a penny each at the Back-to-School sales and had a great time decorating them!  We came up with a lot of fun designs and you can too!  Here are some hints:

1. Wrap pens in green and blue painter’s tape.  This worked great because the tape sticks well to the pen, but is not sticky in your hand.  It is easy to cut with scissors too. 

2. Use fabric glue to keep feathers and small plastic animals stuck to your pen.  Heavier animals will need a “platform” to keep them balanced.  The owl above is glued to a small foam square. 

3.  Wrapping pipe cleaners around a pen is an easy way to give it a fun new texture.  We used flat, feather-shaped pipe cleaners for these pens.

4. The holes in foam beads easily expand to slide over pens.  We used these on the red pen above and then topped with a pom pom.

See more of our cool pens below:

cool pens and pencils

Make a Cozy Hat and Pillow for Your Doll

12 Nov


Supplies Needed for Hat:

1. An Old Sock
2. A Pencil or Piece of Chalk
3. Scissors
4. A Piece of String
5. A Pompom
6. Fabric Glue


1. Place the open end of sock on doll’s head.

2. Decide how much of the sock you need to cover the head.  Make a mark on the sock with pencil or chalk.

3. Using scissors, cut sock in two about an inch above (toward toe of sock) the mark.

4. Bunch the cut end of the sock together tightly.  Have an adult help tie yarn or string securely around them.

5. Cut off loose ends of string.  Using Fabric Glue, cover the tied ends with a pompom.

6. Slide the open end of hat over doll’s head!




Make a pillow from the other end of the sock!!



 Supplies Needed For Pillow:
1. Toe end of old sock
2. Cosmetic cotton balls or batting
3. Staples
4. Scissors
5. Ribbon
6. Fabric Glue

1. After making the hat, stuff the toe end of the sock with cotton balls or batting.

2. Fold open end over and staple the edges.

3.  Using scissors, cut a piece of ribbon the right size to go across the end of the pillow.

4. Put fabric glue across staples.

5. Press ribbon onto the glue.

*note: Pillow is for dolls only.  People should not put their heads on pillows secured with staples!  🙂

Sandals for Your 18″ Doll

10 Nov


1. Scissors

2. Ribbon

3. Adhesive (sticky) backed foam sheets

1. Place the foam sheet on a flat surface.

2. Trace a shoe or your doll’s foot onto the foam.  (trace around each foot   twice)

3. Cut out all four tracings.

4. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon 2 1/2 in. long.

5. Peel backing from 1 “left shoe” foam,  set aside.

6. Stick one end of ribbon to outer edge of foam about 1 ½ inches from heel.

7. Stick the other end of ribbon to inside edge of foam, forming an arch.

8. Replace backing and slide onto doll’s foot for fitting.  Adjust as needed.

9.Remove backing.

10. Using the same process, add second ribbon to shoe, 1/8 inch above first one.

11. Peel backing from 1 “right foot” foam.

12. Carefully slide it under the ribbons and stick to sticky side of “left foot foam.”  The ribbons will be caught between the two pieces of foam, so the shoe will have a smooth top and bottom.

13. Repeat process for other shoe.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Duster Puppets

9 Nov

rock band

We purchased these dusters for a dollar each at the Dollar Tree and turned them into rockin’ puppets.


  1. duster
  2. wiggly eyes
  3. decorative tape or felt
  4. craft glue
  5. small pompom
  6. cardstock
  7. ribbon
  8. scissors


  1. Place duster on table with the handle pointing toward you.
  2. Using craft glue, glue eyes to base of duster.
  3. Using craft glue, glue a pompom on for a nose.
  4. Cut decorative tape or felt into shape of mouth, add to puppet face.
  5. Fashion clothes for duster puppet from felt or ribbon and glue to handle.
  6. Create accessories from card stock and add to clothing.
  7. Embellish with rhinestones if desired.

lead singermystery 010

Mint Tin Trinket Boxes

9 Nov

cute boxes


  1.  empty mint tins
  2. decorative tape
  3. sequins
  4. sticky rhinestones
  5. coated wire
  6. small beads
  7. small sharp nail
  8. hammer
  9. scissors


  1. Stick a piece of decorative tape on top of mint tin.
  2. Have an adult help you use the hammer and nail to poke a few holes in box lid.
  3. Place holes in sequins over nail holes.
  4. Cut 2 inch piece of wire with scissors.
  5. Thread bead through wire.
  6. Wrap one end of wire over bead, trim excess, leaving one end of the wire long.
  7. Put wire through hole, pull through, securing sequin
  8. Bend wire inside lid of box to secure.
  9. Repeat process for other sequins.
  10. Add rhinestones.
  11. Cover exposed wire on inside of box with another piece of decorative tape.

altoid and hint mint boxes



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