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Bottle Bottom Pendants

29 Aug

I made these today with my friends.

My mom found a cool blog ( that showed  how to make beads out of plastic bottles.  We were going to recycle the bottoms of the bottles, but I liked the designs and decided to try making pendants out of them.  They turned out cool. But you need an adult to help with this craft!


  1. Plastic Recyclable Drink Bottles
  2. Sharpie Markers
  3. Candle
  4. Jump Ring
  5. Scissors
  6. Needle Nose pliers

*We used a Dremel drill to put a tiny hole in the plastic for the jump ring.


  1. Cut bottom off of a plastic drink bottle.
  2. Use Sharpies to color inside of bottle bottom.
  3. Grip edge of bottle bottom with pliers.
  4. Carefully hold it over flame until cut edges curl under.
  5. Set on a heatproof surface (like a trivet or a ceramic plate) to cool.
  6. Use drill to put hole in pendant for jump ring.
  7. Thread jump ring through hole.

Note: Work in a well ventilated area.  The plastic will give off some fumes when melting and we can’t know for sure, but you probably shouldn’t inhale them!



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Bead Bugs

25 Aug


We created these to stick in our pot plants! 


  1. chop stick or other smooth stick
  2. coated craft wire
  3. large glass beads


  1. Cut two-foot piece of wire.
  2. Bend wire in half to double.
  3. Hold bent end of wire against bottom of chopstick and wrap wire around stick a few times.
  4. Select two large glass beads.  Thread largest of beads on doubled wire first, followed by smaller bead.
  5. Bend wire back around smaller bead and wrap around wire that is between large and small beads.
  6. Separate doubled wire into two strands and shape each into a wing.
  7. Wrap around wire between beads to secure.
  8. Extra wire can be wrapped and cut to create feet if desired.

We added rhinestone eyes to some of the bugs.  Wiggly eyes would be cute too! 


The black and yellow bead is perfect for a bee!

Painted Books

16 Aug

Ever notice that some books, especially older ones, are covered in canvas?  They are!  So we thought we’d try painting on a few book canvases.  It was fun.  And the books were free.  We picked them up at the end of a library sale.


Old Books

Acryllic Paint

Paint Brushes


1. Use a pencil to draw a design on the cover of the book you are going to paint.  (Pencil marks erased easily for us after painting was complete.)

2. Dip your paintbrush into paint and begin painting!

Mixing blue and white to make the color for the water was fun!

Try painting both covers for a longer picture, or a front side with a surprise back!

My mom painted this picture of my grandmom's cat.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Fuzzy Wuzzy Animals

15 Aug


 3 Pipe Cleaners


Wiggly Eyes

Fabric Glue

Fuzzy Yarn

Felt Pieces (construction paper could be substituted)

Directions for Making Cat:

(If you can make the cat you can make other creatures too!) 

  1. Place a pompom in the center of pipe cleaner.
  2. Fold pipe cleaner around pompom so that pipe cleaner creates circle around pompom,
  3. Twist to secure.
  4. Bend cleaner into an L shape with pompom at the short end of the L. (This will be the cat’s head and neck.)
  5. Bend long end of L up (opposite head) to create tail.
  6. Fold two remaining pipe cleaners in half. 
  7. Twist one pipe cleaner around L at the base of the cat’s “neck” to create front legs.
  8. Twist other pipe cleaner at base of “tail” to create back legs.
  9. Fold ends of these pipe cleaners forward to create feet.
  10. Select a piece of fuzzy yarn and begin wrapping it around the cat’s neck.
  11. Continue wrapping yarn up neck and around head.
  12. Wrap back down neck and continue wrapping around pipe cleaner figure.
  13. When you reach the middle of the cat’s “back”, hold a large pompom under the pipe cleaner and wrap it also. This will create a stomach of the cat.
  14. Continue wrapping until cat looks fuzzy all over.
  15. Cut small felt triangles for ears.
  16. Select a small pompom for nose, or cut small felt circle.
  17. Glue eyes, ears, and nose onto cat.


Fuzzy yarn that is a little thicker covers creatures a whole lot quicker.

We love the crazy yarn we used for the horse, but we trimmed his head a little bit because he was too shaggy!


The thin yarn is cool, but it looks prickly on the pipe cleaners. So we made a porcupine!

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