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Tiny Totes

14 Sep

These cute tote bags were fun to make.  Ours are scaled for 18” dolls like American Girl dolls.

 Materials Needed: 

  1. Felt
  2. Felt shapes, decorative brads, ribbon, and rhinestones for decorating
  3. Ribbon, fishing line, coated wire for handles.
  4. Needle and thread or sewing machine
  5. Scissors.


  1. Cut strip of felt so that when you fold it over it will be a little larger than desired bag size.  (The dimensions of our bags were from 2 ¼ inches to 3 ½ inches.)
  2. Fold felt over and stitch up the sides.
  3. Decorate front of bag as desired.  Be creative!
  4. Add handles.  We used several methods to do this.  For the orange bag we threaded beads onto fishing line and sewed it into the bag.  The blue bag has beads strung on coated wire.  For the bags with ribbon handles we threaded ribbon through the eye of a large needle and stitched it into the sides of the bag.

 This craft was fast and fun!

Cute Rugs!

7 Sep

Here’s a fast, fun, and fabulous craft to make for your American Girl Dolls, or for any other dolls too!


Fuzzy Fabric

Funky Fringe

Fabric Glue




1. Cut fabric to the size and shape you want.

2. If fabric is very fuzzy, flip it over and put a line of fabric glue down each edge to keep from unraveling.

3. Cut fringe long enough for the short ends of the fabric. (Or enough to go around the edge, if creating a round or oval rug.

4. Put a small line of glue across the area where you want to add fringe.

5. Press fringe onto glue.

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