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Hippie Vest

31 Oct

I decided to be a hippie for Halloween this year but I couldn’t find a vest with fringe.  My mom and I made this one out of a fleece throw.  They were two for six dollars and there was enough fabric in one to make two vests.  Now we have an extra throw to play around with too.


Fleece fabric

Iron on transfers

Needle and thread




1. Fold fleece in half and lay on flat surface.

2. Lay a vest that fits you (or a tee-shirt with the arms tucked in) on top of the fleece with shoulders at the fold of the vest.

3. Trace around neck arms and sides of garment with a piece of chalk. We did not trace around the bottom because we wanted to leave it long for fringe.

4. Cut out neck of garment.

5. Cut out sleeves and down the sides.  Do not cut shoulders.

6. Cut a straight line down front of garment, leaving the back uncut.

7. Stitch from bottom of armhole to where you would like the fringe to begin on both sides.

7. Lay fabric on flat surface with front and back aligned.

8. Cut strips through both layers of fabric from bottom to where you would like the fringe to stop.

9. Create a V neckline in front by alligning front panels and cutting diagonally through both layers from top of neck downward.

10. If desired, apply iron-on transfers to the back.

11. Decorate front with pins!



back view


Eight-legged Hat

15 Oct

This bear's big head made him the perfect model for our creepy hat!




  1. 8 wiggly eyes.
  2. Felt.
  3. Fabric Glue.
  4. Black knit cap. (We found this one at Target for a buck fifty!)
  5. Scissors.




  1. Using fabric glue, secure wiggly eyes to black cap.
  2. Cut eight legs from felt.
  3. Glue legs around the edge of cap, as pictured below.
  4. Add black widow detail in red felt to back of hat if desired.

Place legs on hat as pictured with a dot of glue on the bottom of each one. This way they will flop over and bounce when you walk instead of just hanging.


Add a red hour glass on back, if desired. Hmm... this one might be a tad big....

Mummy Pencil

6 Oct

We’ve been thinking up some quick, easy and adorable Halloween crafts!  We’re going to share the quickest and easiest one today.  To make the mummy pencil you need:


1. Pencil

2. Self sticking gauze

3. Black Sharpie

4. Glue

5. Wiggly eyes, if desired.


1. Cut gauze into thin strips.

2. Wrap gauze around pencil.  If you start at the bottom and wind gauze around a few times before continuing upward, you should be able to unwrap later in order to sharpen pencil. Make sure to wrap gauze around pencil a few extra times where arms and head of mummy would be so that your pencil ends up being shaped like a mummy!

3. Using Sharpie, draw a mouth on the pencil.

4. Using glue, add wiggly eyes. (You can draw them on instead, if you want.)

5. If needed, dot glue on loose ends of gauze to secure.

Coming soon, a craft featuring 8 of theses.



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