Funky Flames

22 Nov

We got the idea for this fun, funky and fabulous craft from the October issue of Family Fun magazine.  They turned the ping-pong balls into glowing eyeballs!  We made a few of them to hide in our shrubs for Halloween.  But it was such a great craft that we decided that it shouldn’t be limited to just one season.  Using the same basic idea, we decorated the ping-pong balls with colorful designs, then added color around the base of the tea light too.  Now we have little glowing lights to brighten up any room!


1. Ping-Pong Balls

2. Colorful Sharpies

3. Battery Operated Tea Lights

4. Knife with Thin Blade (Adult Use Only, please!)

5. Colorful Duct Tape or Self-Adhesive Ribbons


1. Have an adult cut an X in the bottom of a ping-pong ball.

2. Draw a funky design on the ball with the permanent markers.

3. Push X on ball over the plastic flame on the tealight.

4. Wrap duct tape or decorative ribbon around base of light.


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