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Mini-Memory Collage

30 Mar

I had a collection of little things that I didn’t want to throw away so I decided to create a college.  Some of the items on my collage are small toys, pieces of hair jewlery, beads, and party favors. 




  1. Trinkets (Broken Jewelry, party favors, souvenirs)
  2. Small piece of foam board or stiff cardboard
  3. Decorative paper. (We used scrapbook paper.)
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Pencil




  1. Have an adult help you cut a small (approximately 3’x7) piece of foam board or cardboard.
  2. Lay decorative paper on flat surface.
  3. Put foam board on top of paper and trace with pencil.
  4. Trace around the board with pencil.
  5. Cut out shape.
  6. Glue decorative paper to board.
  7. Arrange trinkets on paper.
  8. Glue to board.

Scrabble Rings

9 Mar

These rings are super easy to make with a few simple supplies!

Supplies Needed:

Ring Blanks (We ordered ours from e-bay.)

Scrabble Tiles (We picked up a game at a yard sale for a dollar.)

Ecoglue (Readily available online or at Wal-mart.)


Clear Fingernail Polish                        


1. Make a design on a scrabble tile with a sharpie.

2. After a few minutes, coat the design with clear nail polish. (Clear with glitter also works!)

3. Allow polish to dry. Add a second coat if needed or if you’d like the surface shinier.

4. Lay tile on flat surface with decorated side down. 

5. Add a dab of ecoglue and apply ring blank. 

(We use ecoglue because it is strong and water-based.  Because these rings are made from wood products with water-based glue, you should take them off before washing your hands!)

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