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Fabulous Found-Object Collage Fish

31 May

 Create a Fab Fish with junk from around your house!  This craft requires help from an adult, but we like the way the skewers add dimension to the fish and that it is a good way to recycle your favorite junk!


1. Wood board

2. Bamboo skewers

3. Glue (We used Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate.)

4. Drill (Adult use only!)

5. Assorted found objects

6. Jigsaw (Adult use only!)

7. Garden Clippers (Adult use only!)


1. Have an adult cut a fish from a 2×6 board.

2. Select drill bit with same diameter as bamboo skewers.

3. Have an adult drill holes where you want to insert skewers for fins.

4. Have an adult cut skewers to desired length with garden clippers.

5. Insert skewers into holes.

6. Paint fish and skewers and allow to dry.

7. Glue found objects onto skewers.

We created fish in several shapes. Here are some more.  My friend AM made the blue one!

Fish Photo Gallery: Below are some the fish the students in my mom’s Something Fishy class designed this July. They turned out great, so we thought we’d share them here.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Small Sculptures

8 May



  1. Plastic lid
  2. Glass Beads
  3. Sequins
  4. Flat glass marbles (Available in floral departments or at Dollar Tree.)
  5. Coated wire (Available at Michaels, or other places where craft supplies are sold.)
  6. Hot Glue
  7. Hammer and nail, or drill


  1. Think of a shape you’d like to represent with wire.
  2. How many pieces of wire will you need for this shape?  Cut pieces from roll with scissors.
  3. Twist wire together at bottom, so end is small, and then bend pieces into the shape you want.
  4. Add sequins and beads, twisting wire to hold into place.
  5. Ask and adult to tap a hole into the plastic lid using hammer and nail. (Drilled holes work too.)
  6. Insert bottom of sculpture into hole in lid and bend to secure.

(If sculpture isn’t balanced, add flat glass marble with hot glue to balance.  A small glass pebble was used to balance the tree, seen here.  A large flat pebble was used to balance coral and fish.)


We had so much fun with these that we made more.  We’ve updated the bases.  An adult drills a hole in a wooden block and we fit the scultures into it. My friend MCK made some of these with us. Thanks MCK!




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