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Dress a Chick

31 Mar

I thought of this idea because my mom has a blog called Nerdy Chicks Rule. When I saw all of the toy chicks on sale for Easter, I thought it would be funny to dress one up like the chick on her blog.  It looks like this: 

We used wire to make the glasses, then added ribbon and sometimes beads. Then we just glued them on with hot glue. It was easy and we had fun. We don’t usually do the same things on our blogs, but this time we posted our chicks both places. If you want to see all of the chicks we made click HERE.
If you want to dress up your own chick, here is what you will need:


Toy Chick
Beading Wire
Hot Glue
Coated Wire


Make a bow or headband with ribbon, then glue it to the chick.

Wrap coated wire around round object like a paintbrush handle or a round pencil to make glasses. You will make two loops with a straight piece in between.

Bend piece in middle of glasses up or down until it looks right.

Glue on chick.

Make small loop in coated wire. String on beads.

Hook lose end through loop to create necklace. Place on chick and you are done.

For sunglasses lens: color a piece of plastic with sharpie. Cut to fit wire shape, then glue in place.

We have other ideas about how to dress up chicks, so maybe we’ll put up more pictures soon!

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Metallic Easter Eggs

26 Mar

We found these Metallic Eggs in Target in the “Dollar Section” (But they were $2.50). Then we took turns decorating them with metallic markers.


Metallic Eggs

Metallic Markers (We used Sargent Art Liquid Metals from Big Lots.)


Draw on eggs with metallic markers!

These make a great gift for grandparents.  Each child and/or grandchild can decorate an egg to create a keepsake basket!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Cupcake Liner Wreath

12 Mar

We’ve seen other versions of the Cupcake liner wreath around but this is our version. I made these with my friend Anna.  They are easy to make and inexpensive. We used leftover cupcake liners and vine wreaths that we got at the Dollar Tree!


1. Vine Wreath

2. Cupcake Liners

3. Embellishments (We used tag board shapes, flowers, and sequins purchased from Big Lots and Tuesday Morning.)

4. Hot Glue


1. Fold and twist cupcake liners into desired shapes.

2. Thread liners through cracks between the vines in the vine wreaths.

4. Using hot glue (with adult help) glue on embellishments.

These can be cute for any occasion. We have other ideas in mind too!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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