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Halloween Craft Round-Up

28 Oct

We thought it would be fun to gather up all of our Halloween crafts into one post. If you like what you see, click on it. It will take you to the post that gives instructions on how to do the craft.

Classy Glassy Halloween Pendants



Halloween Table Tree



Painted Treat Jars.

Mummy Pencil

Easy Costume!


Happy Halloween!



Halloween Wreathes

6 Oct

Use these fun wreathes to make your house festive for Halloween. We found a bunch of cool Halloween cupcake liners, brads, and cardboard shapes at T.J. Maxx and we couldn’t resist making wreathes again.


1. Vine Wreath (We found these at the Dollar Tree.)

2. Cupcake Liners

3. Embellishments (We used tag board shapes, brads, and cupcake liners purchased from T.J. Maxx.)

4. Hot Glue


1. Fold and twist cupcake liners into desired shapes.

2. Thread liners through cracks between the vines in the vine wreaths.

4. Using hot glue (with adult help) glue on embellishments.

5. You can also glue smaller cupcake liners on top of wreath.

To see our other version of cupcake liner wreathes click HERE.

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