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Fun with Ring Blanks

13 Jul

summer 2013 015

Keeping ring blanks around makes it easy to create cute rings in a hurry. My friend MC and I made these last time she came to visit. We used stickers, buttons, scrabble tiles, and resin flowers to create these rings. 

Supplies needed:

1. Ring Blanks (We ordered fancy ones, and plain ones, from Etsy.)

2. Buttons (flat beads work too, like the large white flower above.)

3. Scrabble Tiles

4.Resin flowers (we ordered these from Etsy)

5. Stickers with resin-like coating (We found these at Big Lots and knew they’d be great for rings. They fit perfectly on the Scrabble tiles and buttons.)

6. Good Glue.



1. Create a base for your ring by gluing  a larger button or Scrabble tile to a ring blank using a strong glue like Crafter’s Pick THE ULTIMATE.

2. Select a flower, sticker, or smaller button to glue to the base.

3. Allow glue to dry before wearing. 


Super Easy to Make!!!!!  summer 2013 007

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