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Sand Art Minis

7 Jul


Sand ArtWhen I saw these little glass bottles at the Dollar Tree, I knew I had to use them for sand art. They were eight for a dollar. That’s only twelve and a half cents each! My friends and I had a great time making these. You don’t need many supplies and they are easy to make.


2014-07-07 09.34.071. 8 mini bottles from Dollar Tree.

2. Colored sand from any sand art kit or fine glitter. We used both.

3. Wire for making the designs in the sand.

4. Crystal lacquer or good glue for sealing the bottles.

5. A funnel from a sand art kit or a small piece of paper rolled into a funnel shape.



Give the bottle a more old fashioned look by cutting a small piece of cork and inserting a metal eye pin in the top.



1. Dump out original contents of bottle.

2. Place funnel in mouth of bottle.

2. Pour a small amount of sand or glitter in.

3. Repeat with a different color.

4. If you would like a design, use wire to poke down in the side of the bottle to create an indention in the sand.

5. Repeat steps 2 -4 until you have the layered look you want.

Tip: pack the sand as tightly as possible or it will shift when the bottle moves. 2014-07-07 09.57.30

6. Place cap or cork on the bottle and secure with glaze or glue. You can also try putting some glaze or glue over very top layer of sand.

Enjoy looking at your sand art, or use some of the bottles to make jewelry!



Cupcake Liner Wreath

12 Mar

We’ve seen other versions of the Cupcake liner wreath around but this is our version. I made these with my friend Anna.  They are easy to make and inexpensive. We used leftover cupcake liners and vine wreaths that we got at the Dollar Tree!


1. Vine Wreath

2. Cupcake Liners

3. Embellishments (We used tag board shapes, flowers, and sequins purchased from Big Lots and Tuesday Morning.)

4. Hot Glue


1. Fold and twist cupcake liners into desired shapes.

2. Thread liners through cracks between the vines in the vine wreaths.

4. Using hot glue (with adult help) glue on embellishments.

These can be cute for any occasion. We have other ideas in mind too!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Duster Puppets

9 Nov

rock band

We purchased these dusters for a dollar each at the Dollar Tree and turned them into rockin’ puppets.


  1. duster
  2. wiggly eyes
  3. decorative tape or felt
  4. craft glue
  5. small pompom
  6. cardstock
  7. ribbon
  8. scissors


  1. Place duster on table with the handle pointing toward you.
  2. Using craft glue, glue eyes to base of duster.
  3. Using craft glue, glue a pompom on for a nose.
  4. Cut decorative tape or felt into shape of mouth, add to puppet face.
  5. Fashion clothes for duster puppet from felt or ribbon and glue to handle.
  6. Create accessories from card stock and add to clothing.
  7. Embellish with rhinestones if desired.

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