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Fun Fur Spiders!

18 Oct



With all of the beautiful pipe cleaners and fun fur available today, it’s easy to make cute spiders for your pumpkin patch (or anywhere)!


Materials for each spider:

4 pipe cleaners

1 pom pom

2 wiggly eyes

Fun Fur

Hot Glue



1. Cross the four pipe cleaners over each other like the spokes of a wheel and twist at the center to keep them together.








2. Allow one end of ¬†Fun Fur to drop down below the middle, then start weaving the yarn in and out of the pipe cleaner “legs.”

3. When you think the body is the right size, cut yarn, and tie end to loose end at bottom of spider. Trim extra yarn.

4. Have an adult help you hot glue a pompom to the front of the spider for a head.

5. Add (at least) two wiggly eyes.



*If you would like a spider to be more puffy in the middle, glue an extra pompom to center of pipe cleaners before wrapping with yarn. Wrap yarn around it a few times before weaving through the legs. We did this for the orange spider.

*Add a piece of fishing line and let your spider dangle!


This craft was inspired by a craft my mom made in girl scouts. This spider used to have a paper head. It doesn’t look so good anymore!




Cards from Covers

14 Feb





It is hard for us to throw away old books, but sometimes they just aren’t useful anymore. ūüė¶ When books have canvas-like covers, we’ve started saving the covers for other projects before throwing the rest of the book away. Here is a Valentine’s Day card we made from a book cover this year.

This was super-easy to make. All you need is hot glue and cool stuff to glue to the cover. Notice we cut some hearts out of book pages to go with the theme. Here is another cover we made into a get well card. We love the way the texture on this book cover looked!



This is a craft we plan to do again, so expect to see more examples of book cover cards here soon! So far, everyone we’ve sent a book cover card to has loved them. Your friends and family will too!


To see this Valentine’s Day craft we posted last year click HERE.

Popsicle Stick Magnetic Advent Wreath

10 Dec

DSC00805My mom came up with this idea when my brother and I were younger. This is a way to be reminded of the weeks of advent every time you open the refrigerator. This craft can easily be modified to create a menorah.

Materials Needed:

4 or 5 short Popsicle sticks (or long ones cut in half)

1 large Popsicle stick (tongue depressor)

hot glue

Elmers glue

Glitter and chenille sticks or colored markers

Sequins if you want



Make the short Popsicle sticks look like candles by covering them with glue and glitter OR color them with markers. We have made them both ways.

Make the large Popsicle stick look like a wreath by wrapping it with chenille sticks or coloring it with a marker.

Add sequins or other decorations to the wreath if you like.

Wait for Popsicle sticks to dry. Then attach magnets to the backs using hot glue.

Now you are ready to add a candle for each week of Advent!

*Note, if you do not have a tongue depressor, cut a piece of card stock into a tongue depressor shape. You can also use card stock for the candles.

Halloween Craft Round-Up

28 Oct

We thought it would be fun to gather up all of our Halloween crafts into one post. If you like what you see, click on it. It will take you to the post that gives instructions on how to do the craft.

Classy Glassy Halloween Pendants



Halloween Table Tree



Painted Treat Jars.

Mummy Pencil

Easy Costume!


Happy Halloween!



Dress a Chick

31 Mar

I thought of this idea because my mom has a blog called Nerdy Chicks Rule. When I saw all of the toy chicks on sale for Easter, I thought it would be funny to dress one up like the chick on her blog.  It looks like this: 

We used wire to make the glasses, then added ribbon and sometimes beads. Then we just glued them on with hot glue. It was easy and we had fun. We don’t usually do the same things on our blogs, but this time we posted our chicks both places. If you want to see all of the chicks we made click HERE.
If you want to dress up your own chick, here is what you will need:


Toy Chick
Beading Wire
Hot Glue
Coated Wire


Make a bow or headband with ribbon, then glue it to the chick.

Wrap coated wire around round object like a paintbrush handle or a round pencil to make glasses. You will make two loops with a straight piece in between.

Bend piece in middle of glasses up or down until it looks right.

Glue on chick.

Make small loop in coated wire. String on beads.

Hook lose end through loop to create necklace. Place on chick and you are done.

For sunglasses lens: color a piece of plastic with sharpie. Cut to fit wire shape, then glue in place.

We have other ideas about how to dress up chicks, so maybe we’ll put up more pictures soon!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Metallic Easter Eggs

26 Mar

We found these Metallic Eggs in Target in the “Dollar Section” (But they were $2.50). Then we took turns decorating them with metallic markers.


Metallic Eggs

Metallic Markers (We used Sargent Art Liquid Metals from Big Lots.)


Draw on eggs with metallic markers!

These make a great gift for grandparents.  Each child and/or grandchild can decorate an egg to create a keepsake basket!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Valentine’s Soap

13 Feb

Easiest craft ever and it looks so cute in the bathroom!


Clear bottle of hand soap.

Scrap of ribbon.

Plastic table scatter.


1. Peel labels off of hand soap bottles.

2. Put plastic scatter into the soap.

3. We used a bamboo skewer to poke shapes into the soap. You do not have to do this, eventually they will sink and you can add more.

4. Tie a ribbon around the neck of the soap.

Ta- Dah!!!

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Valentine’s Eraser Jewelry

4 Feb

When we saw these cute Valentine’s Day erasers at Target, we knew just what to do with them! They are perfect for fun and functional jewelry! And the craft is super easy too, and super inexpensive. ¬†Basically, here’s all you need:


1. Cute erasers.

2. ¬†Crafter’s Pick Glue, The Ultimate (or other strong child-safe glue)

3. Findings (Ring blanks, pin backs, eye pins, jump ring)

4. Wire clippers for cutting eye pins (scissors often work well too.)

5. Ribbon for necklace.

Directions for rings and pins:

1. Lay erasers on a flat surface.

2. Add a large dot of glue to the back of each one.

3. Pin back or ring blank on dot of glue.

4. Allow several hours to dry.

Directions for necklaces: 

1. Cut an eyepin so that about 1/4 inch of wire extends from loop.

2. Poke into top of eraser.

3. Add a tiny dot of glue at the top if desired.

4. Add a jump ring through the eye pin.

5. String ribbon through jump ring.

See the finished products below! We feel sure you could do this same project with hot glue, but it tends to pull off of surfaces, so we don’t know how durable they would be.

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This post is also linked to Toys in the Dryer, but their icon kept popping up on top of my photos every time I tried to upload it! ¬†So to see more Valentine’s crafts, visit them at¬†

Santa Hat Dress

19 Dec

This may be the most affordable Christmas Dress your 18‚ÄĚ Doll has ever worn!


1. Two Santa Hats.  (This dress was made with a felt hat that had fur trim.)

2. Fabric Glue

3. Ribbon

4. Small Piece of Velcro


1. Lay one hat on flat surface and cut off top of hat.

2. Cut armholes.

3. Glue Ribbon at top of armholes with fabric glue.

4. Put fabric glue around any rough edges to avoid fraying.

5. While glue is drying, cut white fur trim off of second hat.

6. Cut trim the right length to drape over shoulders of doll like a shawl.

7. Glue dime-sized piece of Velcro to ends of shawl. (One on the fur side, and the other on the opposite under-side.)

Now your doll is ready to party!

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Fingerprint Santa Keepsake Ornament

12 Dec

We made these with our cousins. Everyone draws their own face and puts a fingerprint for Santa’s head. They make nice keepsake ornaments because each face is as individual as a thumbprint!¬†


1. Glass Shapes. We ordered ours here. They are very inexpensive, but you do have to clean the glass when it comes in!

2. Ornament Hooks

3. Black Sharpie

4. Acrylic Paint

5. Bead


1. Draw eyes, nose and mouth in the center of the glass with Sharpie.

2. Paint on beard and white part of hat.  Allow to dry.

3. Add red part of hat and red shirt. Allow to dry.

4. Put a dab of flesh colored paint in a paper plate.

5. Put thumb in paint, making sure it is covered.

6. Press thumb over face.

7. Attach hook. Thread on bead.

Tip: This ornament shows through the back of the glass. It is important that you do these steps in the right order, or it won’t look right. Face first, then white paint, then red paint, drying in between! Thumbprint goes on very last!

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