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Fun Fur Spiders!

18 Oct



With all of the beautiful pipe cleaners and fun fur available today, it’s easy to make cute spiders for your pumpkin patch (or anywhere)!


Materials for each spider:

4 pipe cleaners

1 pom pom

2 wiggly eyes

Fun Fur

Hot Glue



1. Cross the four pipe cleaners over each other like the spokes of a wheel and twist at the center to keep them together.








2. Allow one end of  Fun Fur to drop down below the middle, then start weaving the yarn in and out of the pipe cleaner “legs.”

3. When you think the body is the right size, cut yarn, and tie end to loose end at bottom of spider. Trim extra yarn.

4. Have an adult help you hot glue a pompom to the front of the spider for a head.

5. Add (at least) two wiggly eyes.



*If you would like a spider to be more puffy in the middle, glue an extra pompom to center of pipe cleaners before wrapping with yarn. Wrap yarn around it a few times before weaving through the legs. We did this for the orange spider.

*Add a piece of fishing line and let your spider dangle!


This craft was inspired by a craft my mom made in girl scouts. This spider used to have a paper head. It doesn’t look so good anymore!




Popsicle Stick Magnetic Advent Wreath

10 Dec

DSC00805My mom came up with this idea when my brother and I were younger. This is a way to be reminded of the weeks of advent every time you open the refrigerator. This craft can easily be modified to create a menorah.

Materials Needed:

4 or 5 short Popsicle sticks (or long ones cut in half)

1 large Popsicle stick (tongue depressor)

hot glue

Elmers glue

Glitter and chenille sticks or colored markers

Sequins if you want



Make the short Popsicle sticks look like candles by covering them with glue and glitter OR color them with markers. We have made them both ways.

Make the large Popsicle stick look like a wreath by wrapping it with chenille sticks or coloring it with a marker.

Add sequins or other decorations to the wreath if you like.

Wait for Popsicle sticks to dry. Then attach magnets to the backs using hot glue.

Now you are ready to add a candle for each week of Advent!

*Note, if you do not have a tongue depressor, cut a piece of card stock into a tongue depressor shape. You can also use card stock for the candles.

Fun-Fur letters

7 Aug


Does anyone else have piles of fun-fur they intended to turn into scarves?  We dragged our our basket of yarn and made some cool and crazy initials!  Just wrap the yarn around pipecleaners and shape into letters.  Or add wiggly eyes and fork-tine teeth for monster letters.  This easy craft would be a great party activity.  Buttons, sequins, and gems could be added to them too!



Assorted Fun Fur

Pipe Cleaners



Wrap fun-fur around pipe cleaners.

Cut off excess.

Shape into letters.


Add wiggly eyes and plastic fork-tine teeth for a monster letter!


Fuzzy Wuzzy Animals

15 Aug


 3 Pipe Cleaners


Wiggly Eyes

Fabric Glue

Fuzzy Yarn

Felt Pieces (construction paper could be substituted)

Directions for Making Cat:

(If you can make the cat you can make other creatures too!) 

  1. Place a pompom in the center of pipe cleaner.
  2. Fold pipe cleaner around pompom so that pipe cleaner creates circle around pompom,
  3. Twist to secure.
  4. Bend cleaner into an L shape with pompom at the short end of the L. (This will be the cat’s head and neck.)
  5. Bend long end of L up (opposite head) to create tail.
  6. Fold two remaining pipe cleaners in half. 
  7. Twist one pipe cleaner around L at the base of the cat’s “neck” to create front legs.
  8. Twist other pipe cleaner at base of “tail” to create back legs.
  9. Fold ends of these pipe cleaners forward to create feet.
  10. Select a piece of fuzzy yarn and begin wrapping it around the cat’s neck.
  11. Continue wrapping yarn up neck and around head.
  12. Wrap back down neck and continue wrapping around pipe cleaner figure.
  13. When you reach the middle of the cat’s “back”, hold a large pompom under the pipe cleaner and wrap it also. This will create a stomach of the cat.
  14. Continue wrapping until cat looks fuzzy all over.
  15. Cut small felt triangles for ears.
  16. Select a small pompom for nose, or cut small felt circle.
  17. Glue eyes, ears, and nose onto cat.


Fuzzy yarn that is a little thicker covers creatures a whole lot quicker.

We love the crazy yarn we used for the horse, but we trimmed his head a little bit because he was too shaggy!


The thin yarn is cool, but it looks prickly on the pipe cleaners. So we made a porcupine!

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