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Scrapbook Paper Fortune Teller

6 May

paper fortune teller

Here’s an easy way to give new life to an old old craft. We discovered that scrapbook paper is the perfect shape to use to make paper fortune tellers.

The good news is that the thinner, less expensive, sheets work better than the heavy card stock sheets!

The Boy ProblemWe got this idea because the main character of my mom’s new book, THE BOY PROBLEM, creates a special fortune teller to try to help her find a boy friend. So we were thinking about different ways to make them.

There are four main steps to creating a fortune teller.

Four main steps to creating a fortune teller.

Four main steps to creating a fortune teller.

You can see them here.  And you can find detailed instructions for folding a fortune teller out of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper HERE.

We even discovered that you could make a VERY LARGE fortune teller by taping four pieces of scrapbook paper together before you begin, like the big one pictured above. Here it is opened up. It is neat how each square is a different page. My friend A.M. made this one. fortune teller2

We used rubber stamps on some of them instead of words. Those turned out cute too. If you have scrapbook paper lying around, try making a fortune teller. It can be in the traditional style, OR you can do some different with it, like Tabbi does in THE BOY PROBLEM.

What’s better than a gnome?

17 Aug


We thought these gnomes would look better in bright colors and we were right! 


  • Garden Gnome (We got ours at Dollar General.)
  • Spray Paint


  • Use spray paint with adult supervision.
  • Follow instructions on paint can. We put newspaper under the gnomes before we started. We applied several coats.


 Here’s what they looked like before.

They were so cute that we couldn’t resist taking them downtown.

Traffic Gnome

Traffic Gnome

What a view.

What a view.

hillcrest 334

hillcrest 337

We had so much fun with the photo shoot, that we took one of the gnomes with us to New Mexico.

We had so much fun with the photo shoot, that we took one of the gnomes with us to New Mexico.

Greeting the mountain lion.

Greeting the mountain lion.

Chillaxing on the airplane.

Chillaxing on the airplane.

So much FUN!!!

So much FUN!!!

This was an easy, fun craft. Coming up on crafty crafts: a craft that does not involve paint!

Tuesday To Do Party

Fun with Felt

19 Aug

Felt Bags

Locker Magnets

We found these cute bags in the dollar section at Target. Then at Michaels we picked up these creative shapes. It was easy to make the felt bags and magnets.



1. Felt Bags

2. Fun Felt Shapes

3. Gemstones

4. Hot Glue


1. Attach felt shapes and rhinestones to bag using hot glue. If shapes already have adhesive, peel off plastic back before gluing. I still used glue on the shapes with adhesive.

Now you’re done!



1. Fun Felt Shapes

2. Gemstone Shapes

3. Magnets

4. Hot Glue


1. Glue gemstone to felt the fun felt shapes. Let it dry.

2. Cut around adhesive backing if felt shapes have backing. Do not remove backing. Leave backing on if it helps support the felt.

3. Glue magnets to back of shapes. Let it dry before testing it out.

4″ paintings and fork easels

7 May

This is one of our favorite crafts, even though we have to admit that we didn’t exactly make this one up.  We love painting on these tiny canvasses from Dick Blick, that can be purchased in bulk for less than 30 cents each. We were looking for a way to display some of them and remembered seeing a fork easel. We found lots of different varieties online. We chose to make our easels like this:

Using needle nose and flat nose pliers, bend the middle two tines backward, spreading them apart to stabilize. Bend outside tines forward slightly and curve tips with needle nose pliers. An adult will need to do this craft.

We’ve painted a ton of those tiny canvasses, so we’ll share a few more with you. Here are some where wiggly eyes (and a felt ear) were added:

Below is KMK’s first tiny painting, and it still makes her smile.

We’ve been traveling, so we haven’t been crafting as much as usual, but we hope to post more crafts soon!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Metallic Easter Eggs

26 Mar

We found these Metallic Eggs in Target in the “Dollar Section” (But they were $2.50). Then we took turns decorating them with metallic markers.


Metallic Eggs

Metallic Markers (We used Sargent Art Liquid Metals from Big Lots.)


Draw on eggs with metallic markers!

These make a great gift for grandparents.  Each child and/or grandchild can decorate an egg to create a keepsake basket!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Cupcake Liner Wreath

12 Mar

We’ve seen other versions of the Cupcake liner wreath around but this is our version. I made these with my friend Anna.  They are easy to make and inexpensive. We used leftover cupcake liners and vine wreaths that we got at the Dollar Tree!


1. Vine Wreath

2. Cupcake Liners

3. Embellishments (We used tag board shapes, flowers, and sequins purchased from Big Lots and Tuesday Morning.)

4. Hot Glue


1. Fold and twist cupcake liners into desired shapes.

2. Thread liners through cracks between the vines in the vine wreaths.

4. Using hot glue (with adult help) glue on embellishments.

These can be cute for any occasion. We have other ideas in mind too!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sequin Flowers

22 Nov

Create a tiny flower arrangement to decorate a dollhouse or to brighten someone’s day!


1. assorted sequins

2. large bead

3. covered wire

4. scissors

5. seed beads

Bags of assorted sequins can be found at Walmart and craft supply stores.


1. Decide how far you want “stems” to stick out of vase and cut wire.

2. Cut one piece of wire twice as long as the others.

3. Double long piece of wire and insert into bead so that the bent end sticks out of bottom of bead.  Twist to form loop in wire.

4. Cut another piece of wire for vase base. Run it through the looped end.

5. Twist this wire around bead to create base.

6. Add sequin flowers, bending the wire behind the back of each sequin so it won’t slip.

7. Add a small seed bead to wire and bend wire around it to secure.

8. Insert other “stems” and repeat steps for adding sequin flowers!

Tip: If using a large bead with a flat end, you could omit steps 4 and 5 and add a dot of glue in bead when you have finished arranging to keep flowers in place.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Fun-Fur letters

7 Aug


Does anyone else have piles of fun-fur they intended to turn into scarves?  We dragged our our basket of yarn and made some cool and crazy initials!  Just wrap the yarn around pipecleaners and shape into letters.  Or add wiggly eyes and fork-tine teeth for monster letters.  This easy craft would be a great party activity.  Buttons, sequins, and gems could be added to them too!



Assorted Fun Fur

Pipe Cleaners



Wrap fun-fur around pipe cleaners.

Cut off excess.

Shape into letters.


Add wiggly eyes and plastic fork-tine teeth for a monster letter!


Chubby Minnows

24 Jul


1. Small glass Christmas ornaments

2. Aluminum Foil

3. Round sequins

4. Wiggly eyes

5. Hot glue

6. Fishing line

7. Scissors


1. Have an adult gently pull the end from the ornament. (Keep these, they’ll be used in a craft later!)

2. Cut a small pieced of aluminum foil and shape it into a tail.

3. Shape an even smaller piece into a fin for the head.

4. Poke tail into end of ornament.

5. Have an adult help with the hot glue.

6. Secure tail with glue.

6. Glue wiggly eyes on either side of the ball.

7. Glue fin to top of ball.

8. Tie short piece of fishing line in a loop and glue behind head fin.

Hang your cute fish somewhere to enjoy.  If you create a lot of fish, make a minnow mobile like we did in our class.  We covered a cardboard soda flat with silver fabric and tacked the fish to it, then suspended it from the ceiling.

Craft DIY Ideas

Harry Potter Party

15 Jul

This is a bit different from our usual posts, but we wanted to share what we’ve been doing.  In honor of the last Harry Potter movie (opening today), we had a Harry Potter themed party.  We created a lot of cool things for the party, but our favorite was the sweets trolly, modeled from the sweets trolly found on the Hogwarts express.  The cart rolled from room to room and was a big hit with the guests.

To make the cart we covered a borrowed rolling cart with a plastic table cloth and taped a menu on the front.  The menu included:

Pumkin Pasties (We used the recipe found here, but made them slightly smaller, using a 3″ bisquit cutter.)

Chocolate Frogs (We ordered molds and created these with delicious chocolate from The Chocolate Tree.)

Acid Pops (We used the recipe found here, but went for smaller pops.)

Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans (We mixed these in with a large quantity of jelly belly beans to make them go farther!)

Droobles Bubble Gum (We just bought fun-colored gum.)

Licorice Wands  (Twizzlers work great.)

Dumbledore’s Lemon Drops (We used Branches)

Other crafty ideas from the party included covering an unplugged floor lamp with a black plastic table cloth and adding a white balloon head with Voldemort’s face drawn on it, and creating a centerpiece with floating candles and a floating Mad-eye Moody eye (one of those plastic eyes that rolls around, always pointing upward.)

Even if you’re not a Potter fan, a sweets trolly would be a fun addition to a party for kids and teens!           

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