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Fingerprint Santa Keepsake Ornament

12 Dec

We made these with our cousins. Everyone draws their own face and puts a fingerprint for Santa’s head. They make nice keepsake ornaments because each face is as individual as a thumbprint! 


1. Glass Shapes. We ordered ours here. They are very inexpensive, but you do have to clean the glass when it comes in!  http://tinyurl.com/7rgyn6w

2. Ornament Hooks

3. Black Sharpie

4. Acrylic Paint

5. Bead


1. Draw eyes, nose and mouth in the center of the glass with Sharpie.

2. Paint on beard and white part of hat.  Allow to dry.

3. Add red part of hat and red shirt. Allow to dry.

4. Put a dab of flesh colored paint in a paper plate.

5. Put thumb in paint, making sure it is covered.

6. Press thumb over face.

7. Attach hook. Thread on bead.

Tip: This ornament shows through the back of the glass. It is important that you do these steps in the right order, or it won’t look right. Face first, then white paint, then red paint, drying in between! Thumbprint goes on very last!

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Paperclip Garland

17 Dec

This is a fun craft to make with a group of people because each person can make a section and then the sections can be easily liked together.  We created a long garland like this to wind around a tree we decorated for Hospice.


  1. Paperclips of various shapes and colors
  2. Variety of beads, sequins, jingle bells


  1. Slide beads, sequins and jingle bells through some of the paper clips.
  2. Link paperclips together to form a long garland.

You can dangle some paperclips from others and add decorations for a different look, as in top garland below.

Another idea is to use a paperclip garland to display cards!

href=”http://www.toysinthedryer.com” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i603.photobucket.com/albums/tt119/candjheil/TID/FSF.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Fun Stuff Fridays”/>

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