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Cool Pens and Pencils

12 Nov

pen hands

We purchased these pens for about a penny each at the Back-to-School sales and had a great time decorating them!  We came up with a lot of fun designs and you can too!  Here are some hints:

1. Wrap pens in green and blue painter’s tape.  This worked great because the tape sticks well to the pen, but is not sticky in your hand.  It is easy to cut with scissors too. 

2. Use fabric glue to keep feathers and small plastic animals stuck to your pen.  Heavier animals will need a “platform” to keep them balanced.  The owl above is glued to a small foam square. 

3.  Wrapping pipe cleaners around a pen is an easy way to give it a fun new texture.  We used flat, feather-shaped pipe cleaners for these pens.

4. The holes in foam beads easily expand to slide over pens.  We used these on the red pen above and then topped with a pom pom.

See more of our cool pens below:

cool pens and pencils

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