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Pop Top Frames

12 Sep

We found these wooden frames for $1 at Michaels.  They are the perfect size and shape for two rows of bottle caps!



  1. Acrylic Paint
  2. Wooden Frame
  3. 40 Bottle Caps
  4. Strong Glue (we used Eco Glue)                                                                         


  1. Paint frame and allow it to dry.
  2. Arrange bottle caps on frame to decide on a design.
  3. Squirt glue around rim of bottle cap and stick to frame.   

This was easy and fun!






all crafts Homemade Projects ~ Add Yours {11/8}
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Fun-Fur letters

7 Aug


Does anyone else have piles of fun-fur they intended to turn into scarves?  We dragged our our basket of yarn and made some cool and crazy initials!  Just wrap the yarn around pipecleaners and shape into letters.  Or add wiggly eyes and fork-tine teeth for monster letters.  This easy craft would be a great party activity.  Buttons, sequins, and gems could be added to them too!



Assorted Fun Fur

Pipe Cleaners



Wrap fun-fur around pipe cleaners.

Cut off excess.

Shape into letters.


Add wiggly eyes and plastic fork-tine teeth for a monster letter!


Chubby Minnows

24 Jul


1. Small glass Christmas ornaments

2. Aluminum Foil

3. Round sequins

4. Wiggly eyes

5. Hot glue

6. Fishing line

7. Scissors


1. Have an adult gently pull the end from the ornament. (Keep these, they’ll be used in a craft later!)

2. Cut a small pieced of aluminum foil and shape it into a tail.

3. Shape an even smaller piece into a fin for the head.

4. Poke tail into end of ornament.

5. Have an adult help with the hot glue.

6. Secure tail with glue.

6. Glue wiggly eyes on either side of the ball.

7. Glue fin to top of ball.

8. Tie short piece of fishing line in a loop and glue behind head fin.

Hang your cute fish somewhere to enjoy.  If you create a lot of fish, make a minnow mobile like we did in our class.  We covered a cardboard soda flat with silver fabric and tacked the fish to it, then suspended it from the ceiling.

Craft DIY Ideas

Extreme Cigar Box Makeover

15 Jun


Cigar boxes are cool because they are usually made of wood, covered by paper. This makes them very sturdy.  We don’t smoke cigars, but we picked up the empty boxes for fifty cents each at a store that sells them. There are so many ways to decorate these boxes that we are not going to type out a list of directions. Instead we’ll make a few comments on the boxes you see here.  Then you can let your creativity run wild.

I covered the box above with a thin layer of glue and then scrapbook paper. Then I added random things we had around the house like buttons, gemstones, silk flowers and game pieces. If you look closely, you’ll see that the purple and pink flowers here are little plastic elephants and hippos that came out of a game.

 The boxes below are covered with fabric.  The bamboo beads around the edge came from an old bamboo placemat.  The beads were also used as legs. Adding legs to your box will make it look fancier and more complete. 










Used jewlery dresses up a box.


This last box was covered with pages from an old dictionary and then coated with Modge Podge.  A pin was added to the front to dress up the box.  The edges are lined with scrapbook trim.

Cigar boxes come in a lot of different shapes and sizes and are fun to decorate!

Fabulous Found-Object Collage Fish

31 May

 Create a Fab Fish with junk from around your house!  This craft requires help from an adult, but we like the way the skewers add dimension to the fish and that it is a good way to recycle your favorite junk!


1. Wood board

2. Bamboo skewers

3. Glue (We used Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate.)

4. Drill (Adult use only!)

5. Assorted found objects

6. Jigsaw (Adult use only!)

7. Garden Clippers (Adult use only!)


1. Have an adult cut a fish from a 2×6 board.

2. Select drill bit with same diameter as bamboo skewers.

3. Have an adult drill holes where you want to insert skewers for fins.

4. Have an adult cut skewers to desired length with garden clippers.

5. Insert skewers into holes.

6. Paint fish and skewers and allow to dry.

7. Glue found objects onto skewers.

We created fish in several shapes. Here are some more.  My friend AM made the blue one!

Fish Photo Gallery: Below are some the fish the students in my mom’s Something Fishy class designed this July. They turned out great, so we thought we’d share them here.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Mini-Memory Collage

30 Mar

I had a collection of little things that I didn’t want to throw away so I decided to create a college.  Some of the items on my collage are small toys, pieces of hair jewlery, beads, and party favors. 




  1. Trinkets (Broken Jewelry, party favors, souvenirs)
  2. Small piece of foam board or stiff cardboard
  3. Decorative paper. (We used scrapbook paper.)
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Pencil




  1. Have an adult help you cut a small (approximately 3’x7) piece of foam board or cardboard.
  2. Lay decorative paper on flat surface.
  3. Put foam board on top of paper and trace with pencil.
  4. Trace around the board with pencil.
  5. Cut out shape.
  6. Glue decorative paper to board.
  7. Arrange trinkets on paper.
  8. Glue to board.

Scrabble Rings

9 Mar

These rings are super easy to make with a few simple supplies!

Supplies Needed:

Ring Blanks (We ordered ours from e-bay.)

Scrabble Tiles (We picked up a game at a yard sale for a dollar.)

Ecoglue (Readily available online or at Wal-mart.)


Clear Fingernail Polish                        


1. Make a design on a scrabble tile with a sharpie.

2. After a few minutes, coat the design with clear nail polish. (Clear with glitter also works!)

3. Allow polish to dry. Add a second coat if needed or if you’d like the surface shinier.

4. Lay tile on flat surface with decorated side down. 

5. Add a dab of ecoglue and apply ring blank. 

(We use ecoglue because it is strong and water-based.  Because these rings are made from wood products with water-based glue, you should take them off before washing your hands!)

Eight-legged Hat

15 Oct

This bear's big head made him the perfect model for our creepy hat!




  1. 8 wiggly eyes.
  2. Felt.
  3. Fabric Glue.
  4. Black knit cap. (We found this one at Target for a buck fifty!)
  5. Scissors.




  1. Using fabric glue, secure wiggly eyes to black cap.
  2. Cut eight legs from felt.
  3. Glue legs around the edge of cap, as pictured below.
  4. Add black widow detail in red felt to back of hat if desired.

Place legs on hat as pictured with a dot of glue on the bottom of each one. This way they will flop over and bounce when you walk instead of just hanging.


Add a red hour glass on back, if desired. Hmm... this one might be a tad big....

Mummy Pencil

6 Oct

We’ve been thinking up some quick, easy and adorable Halloween crafts!  We’re going to share the quickest and easiest one today.  To make the mummy pencil you need:


1. Pencil

2. Self sticking gauze

3. Black Sharpie

4. Glue

5. Wiggly eyes, if desired.


1. Cut gauze into thin strips.

2. Wrap gauze around pencil.  If you start at the bottom and wind gauze around a few times before continuing upward, you should be able to unwrap later in order to sharpen pencil. Make sure to wrap gauze around pencil a few extra times where arms and head of mummy would be so that your pencil ends up being shaped like a mummy!

3. Using Sharpie, draw a mouth on the pencil.

4. Using glue, add wiggly eyes. (You can draw them on instead, if you want.)

5. If needed, dot glue on loose ends of gauze to secure.

Coming soon, a craft featuring 8 of theses.



Cute Rugs!

7 Sep

Here’s a fast, fun, and fabulous craft to make for your American Girl Dolls, or for any other dolls too!


Fuzzy Fabric

Funky Fringe

Fabric Glue




1. Cut fabric to the size and shape you want.

2. If fabric is very fuzzy, flip it over and put a line of fabric glue down each edge to keep from unraveling.

3. Cut fringe long enough for the short ends of the fabric. (Or enough to go around the edge, if creating a round or oval rug.

4. Put a small line of glue across the area where you want to add fringe.

5. Press fringe onto glue.

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