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Beaded Curtain

6 Jan

hillcrest 363Tis the season to buy Christmas decorations for 90% off! So there’s no better time to pick up some really cheap craft supplies and get busy! One thing you can do is to make a beaded curtain for your doorway with Christmas garland beads!  We picked up some yesterday and paid only 80 cents for four garlands. My cousin and her dad made the curtain above. Directions are below.


1. Beaded Garlands

2. Tension Rod for window

3. Duct Tape

4. Ruler


1. Cut beaded garland to desired lengths.

2. Set tension rod to the correct length for your doorway.

3. Run a long piece of duct tape along the length of the tension rod, with sticky side extending down.  hillcrest 358

4.Lay beaded strands on the sticky side of the tape, using the ruler to space them evenly apart.

5. When Beads are positioned correctly,  add second piece of duct tape over them and wrap around the top of the tension rod.

6. Press tape down over beaded strands and all around them to secure.

There you have it! Now you can really make an entrance!

hillcrest 360
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Funky Flames

22 Nov

We got the idea for this fun, funky and fabulous craft from the October issue of Family Fun magazine.  They turned the ping-pong balls into glowing eyeballs!  We made a few of them to hide in our shrubs for Halloween.  But it was such a great craft that we decided that it shouldn’t be limited to just one season.  Using the same basic idea, we decorated the ping-pong balls with colorful designs, then added color around the base of the tea light too.  Now we have little glowing lights to brighten up any room!


1. Ping-Pong Balls

2. Colorful Sharpies

3. Battery Operated Tea Lights

4. Knife with Thin Blade (Adult Use Only, please!)

5. Colorful Duct Tape or Self-Adhesive Ribbons


1. Have an adult cut an X in the bottom of a ping-pong ball.

2. Draw a funky design on the ball with the permanent markers.

3. Push X on ball over the plastic flame on the tealight.

4. Wrap duct tape or decorative ribbon around base of light.

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