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Beaded Ornaments

11 Dec

We came up with this design a few years ago. Now making these ornaments is a Christmas tradition for us! Scroll down to see a more economical version of this craft.


  1. 3-4 inch eye pins
  2. Christmas charms
  3. Curved ornament hooks
  4. Glass Beads


  1. Open bottom of eye pin.
  2. Add charm and close.
  3. Slide beads onto eye pin from top, leaving about ¾ inch free of beads.
  4. Wrap end of eye pin over end of small paintbrush to create a loop.
  5. Feed loop through ornament hook.

You can probably get all of the supplies needed for this craft at Walmart or Michaels.  We purchased ours from Fire Mountain Gems and Shipwreck Beads (both online companies.) The ornamental hooks were purchased at Target.







Here is a More Economical Version of the Same Craft!


 Pipe cleaners or twisty ties. (Like the ones found on bread bags or garbage bags.)

  1. Beads, Buttons, or Sequins
  2. Jingle bells
  3. Ribbon


Attach Jingle Bell to end of pipe cleaner or twisty tie.

  1. Thread on beads, buttons, and or sequins.
  2. Leave about an inch of the pipe cleaner or tie free.
  3. Wrap it around a pencil or the end of a paintbrush to create a loop.
  4. Tread ribbon through loop and tie. (Some people like the ribbons even better than the ornament hooks.)

You may have everything you need for this version right at home.  Old beaded jewelry can be recycled for this project!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sandals for Your 18″ Doll

10 Nov


1. Scissors

2. Ribbon

3. Adhesive (sticky) backed foam sheets

1. Place the foam sheet on a flat surface.

2. Trace a shoe or your doll’s foot onto the foam.  (trace around each foot   twice)

3. Cut out all four tracings.

4. Cut 4 pieces of ribbon 2 1/2 in. long.

5. Peel backing from 1 “left shoe” foam,  set aside.

6. Stick one end of ribbon to outer edge of foam about 1 ½ inches from heel.

7. Stick the other end of ribbon to inside edge of foam, forming an arch.

8. Replace backing and slide onto doll’s foot for fitting.  Adjust as needed.

9.Remove backing.

10. Using the same process, add second ribbon to shoe, 1/8 inch above first one.

11. Peel backing from 1 “right foot” foam.

12. Carefully slide it under the ribbons and stick to sticky side of “left foot foam.”  The ribbons will be caught between the two pieces of foam, so the shoe will have a smooth top and bottom.

13. Repeat process for other shoe.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Duster Puppets

9 Nov

rock band

We purchased these dusters for a dollar each at the Dollar Tree and turned them into rockin’ puppets.


  1. duster
  2. wiggly eyes
  3. decorative tape or felt
  4. craft glue
  5. small pompom
  6. cardstock
  7. ribbon
  8. scissors


  1. Place duster on table with the handle pointing toward you.
  2. Using craft glue, glue eyes to base of duster.
  3. Using craft glue, glue a pompom on for a nose.
  4. Cut decorative tape or felt into shape of mouth, add to puppet face.
  5. Fashion clothes for duster puppet from felt or ribbon and glue to handle.
  6. Create accessories from card stock and add to clothing.
  7. Embellish with rhinestones if desired.

lead singermystery 010

Fan Booklets!

1 Oct




You can use any kind of paper and or cardstock (recycled greeting cards or thank you notes work great) to make these cute little books.



  1. 3×2.5 index cards (This helps avoid too much paper cutting. Plus, we like having lines on one side and blank space for drawing on the other!)
  2. cardstock or old cards
  3. brass brad
  4. hole punch
  5. scissors or paper cutter 


  1. Take a small stack of index cards and use hole punch to make a hole in the upper left hand corner.  We first punched a hole in one stack of three or four cards, then traced the hole onto the top card in the next stack before punching so the holes would line up. 
  2. Cut two pieces of cardstock that are slightly larger than the index cards. (Ours measured 2.75” x 3.25”.)
  3. Put the two pieces of cardstock together with both decorative sides facing outward.
  4. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of the cardstock.
  5. Line up the holes of the index cards with the holes on the cardstock. Thread brad through hole and secure.fan books

Altoids Box Suitcase

1 Oct


Make a realistic looking suitcase for your doll.

 This craft is a little more difficult, but we loved the result!


  1. Altoids tin
  2. Sheet of blank paper
  3. Masking tape
  4. Brown shoe polish
  5. coated wire
  6. long bead or several small beads
  7. Small picture-hanging nail
  8. Hammer


  1. Fold sheet of paper until it is slightly smaller than top of Altoids tin.  This will cover the embossed letters, if present.  It will also provide dimension.
  2. Center the folded sheet on top of Altoids tin and secure with masking tape.
  3. Continue to place pieces of masking tape on box until the entire surface is covered.
  4. Using a soft rag apply brown shoe polish to the masking tape.  Wipe off excess with clean rag.  Repeat process for darker color.
  5. Have an adult puncture two holes in side of Altoids tins that is opposite from the hinge. Use picture hanging nail and hammer for this.  (Each of our holes was approximately two centimeters from the edge.)
  6. Thread one end of coated wire through hole.
  7. Add bead or beads.
  8. Bring Wire through other hole and twist to secure.
  9. Decorate your suitcase with small stickers, postage stamps, or home made stickers (directions below.) 

To Make Travel Stickers 


  1. Tiny printouts of travel pictures (we used Microsoft Word clip art)
  2. Transparent tape
  3. Markers
  4. Scissors


  1. Print out small travel pictures. Pictures should be narrow enough to be covered by a single piece of transparent tape.
  2. Color pictures with markers.
  3. Cut out pictures.
  4. Place sticky side of tape over colored side of pictures, leaving edges of the tape exposed.
  5. Carefully cut around pictures leaving a small area of sticky side of tape around the edges.
  6. Apply these picture-stickers to surface of suitcase.
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