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Make a Cozy Hat and Pillow for Your Doll

12 Nov


Supplies Needed for Hat:

1. An Old Sock
2. A Pencil or Piece of Chalk
3. Scissors
4. A Piece of String
5. A Pompom
6. Fabric Glue


1. Place the open end of sock on doll’s head.

2. Decide how much of the sock you need to cover the head.  Make a mark on the sock with pencil or chalk.

3. Using scissors, cut sock in two about an inch above (toward toe of sock) the mark.

4. Bunch the cut end of the sock together tightly.  Have an adult help tie yarn or string securely around them.

5. Cut off loose ends of string.  Using Fabric Glue, cover the tied ends with a pompom.

6. Slide the open end of hat over doll’s head!




Make a pillow from the other end of the sock!!



 Supplies Needed For Pillow:
1. Toe end of old sock
2. Cosmetic cotton balls or batting
3. Staples
4. Scissors
5. Ribbon
6. Fabric Glue

1. After making the hat, stuff the toe end of the sock with cotton balls or batting.

2. Fold open end over and staple the edges.

3.  Using scissors, cut a piece of ribbon the right size to go across the end of the pillow.

4. Put fabric glue across staples.

5. Press ribbon onto the glue.

*note: Pillow is for dolls only.  People should not put their heads on pillows secured with staples!  🙂

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