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Duster Puppets

9 Nov

rock band

We purchased these dusters for a dollar each at the Dollar Tree and turned them into rockin’ puppets.


  1. duster
  2. wiggly eyes
  3. decorative tape or felt
  4. craft glue
  5. small pompom
  6. cardstock
  7. ribbon
  8. scissors


  1. Place duster on table with the handle pointing toward you.
  2. Using craft glue, glue eyes to base of duster.
  3. Using craft glue, glue a pompom on for a nose.
  4. Cut decorative tape or felt into shape of mouth, add to puppet face.
  5. Fashion clothes for duster puppet from felt or ribbon and glue to handle.
  6. Create accessories from card stock and add to clothing.
  7. Embellish with rhinestones if desired.

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