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Tea Box Totes

1 Sep

My mom drinks primula tea and it comes in these cute little cardboard boxes, so we decided to decorate them to turn them into cute little totes. These are the perfect size to carry a cell phone or ipod along with chap stick, pens, and more.

Materials Needed:

1. Primula tea canister

2. Duct Tape

3. Scissors


1. Carefully remove string from canister. Pay attention to how it goes in and out of the holes.

2. Wrap tape around canister and cut. Repeat until canister is covered.

3. Using scissors, poke holes in tape to match holes in canister.

4. Restring canister.

Other ways to decorate the primula boxes:

The box on the on the left was decorated with sharpies and a felt shape. The box on the right was painted with acrylic paint, then decorated with felt shapes and buttons. Notice that a different type of string can be used when you are ready to restring the box, you can replace the string that comes with the box with ribbons, like my friend A. M. did with the box on the right.

Directions for replacing string with ribbons:

Tie a large knot in one end of the string. Starting inside the canister at one of the bottom holes, begin putting string in, the way you took it out. You should end up with a loose end back on the inside of the box. Tie another knot that is too big to leave the hole. Secure with glue if needed.

These also make great boxes for sharpies and other markers! To see a photo of what the boxes looked like before, or to order primula tea, click HERE!

Milk Carton Duct Tape Wallet

18 Jun

It is very unusual for us to do this, but this week we are featuring a craft that can be found on the Family Fun website. It is the Milk Carton Wallet, and it’s usable and functional! We wanted to feature it because our friend Brooklyn made a bunch of them and we loved the way they turned out. Brooklyn is in the fourth grade.  You can visit the Family Fun website HERE to download a template.  We’ve mapped out a few of the steps below so you will know what you are getting into!

First you’ll want to save some juice or milk cartons and wash them thoroughly!


Then you need to download the template, lay it on the carton and cut.

You’ll need to score the sides to create accordion folds, and carefully cut out a hole to fit over the spout.

Now for the fun part! Cover the whole thing with duct tape! Use different patterns for the inside and outside and edges. The inside of your wallet will end up looking something like this:

Look at how cool that is!

The wallet you see here is super sturdy. It is currently being used at summer camp!  Thanks Brooklyn for sharing this cool craft with us!

Recycled Bags Bag

6 Apr

C designed this bag using old chip bags and duct tape for a school assignment.


1. Two large chip bags.

2. Several individual sized chip bags.

3. Duct tape.

4. Two grocery bags.

5. Scissors


1. Cut down one side of each of the large chip bags.

2. Place bags on flat surface, tucking one into the open side of the other.

3. Make sure edges of open sides of the bag are overlapping, then secure by putting duct tape over the overlap all the way down the bag.

4. Flip bag over and secure back side of bag with tape too.

5. Trim tops of individual bags and secure to outside of large bags by putting tape around the edges.  Leave top to bags open to create pockets.

6. Cut side and bottom of grocery bag to create a long flat sheet. 

7. Twist sheet and knot to create a handles.

8. Secure handles in bag with duct tape.

9. Add an inside pocket by taping a small chip bag into the interior of the large bag.

Back side of bag

Duct Tape Belt!

8 Jan

C goes to a school where there is a uniform policy, but the students can wear any kind of belt they want.  This gave us the idea to make a belt out of duct tape.  C loves it and it looks cool as part of a uniform!


Note: Duct tape comes in all kinds of cool patterns these days.  We chose one with a tie-dye design. 



  1. duct tape 
  2. old belt buckle
  3. piece of satin ribbon (1 ½” worked well.)
  4. scissors



  1. Measure waist and cut a piece of duct tape that is about a 15” longer than waist.
  2. Place tape on flat surface with sticky side up.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon the same length as tape.
  4. Place ribbon right in the center of the tape.  (It is helpful to have one person hold down one end of the tape and the ribbon while the other person carefully places the ribbon in a straight line down the tape.
  5. Carefully fold edges of tape over ribbon.  Fold one edge at a time. If you use 1 ½ inch ribbon the tape should meet in the center of the ribbon.  The end result will be a thick tape strip with the ribbon encased inside.
  6. Slide belt buckles over one end of the tape strip. 
  7. Fold tape down over buckles.
  8. Cut second piece of tape about 3 inches long.
  9. Wrap around the end of the folded tape strip to secure the buckle.
  10. Try on belt.
  11. If it is too long, trim off excess.


Look in the mirror.  You look pretty cool, right?

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