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Beaded Ornaments

11 Dec

We came up with this design a few years ago. Now making these ornaments is a Christmas tradition for us! Scroll down to see a more economical version of this craft.


  1. 3-4 inch eye pins
  2. Christmas charms
  3. Curved ornament hooks
  4. Glass Beads


  1. Open bottom of eye pin.
  2. Add charm and close.
  3. Slide beads onto eye pin from top, leaving about ¾ inch free of beads.
  4. Wrap end of eye pin over end of small paintbrush to create a loop.
  5. Feed loop through ornament hook.

You can probably get all of the supplies needed for this craft at Walmart or Michaels.  We purchased ours from Fire Mountain Gems and Shipwreck Beads (both online companies.) The ornamental hooks were purchased at Target.







Here is a More Economical Version of the Same Craft!


 Pipe cleaners or twisty ties. (Like the ones found on bread bags or garbage bags.)

  1. Beads, Buttons, or Sequins
  2. Jingle bells
  3. Ribbon


Attach Jingle Bell to end of pipe cleaner or twisty tie.

  1. Thread on beads, buttons, and or sequins.
  2. Leave about an inch of the pipe cleaner or tie free.
  3. Wrap it around a pencil or the end of a paintbrush to create a loop.
  4. Tread ribbon through loop and tie. (Some people like the ribbons even better than the ornament hooks.)

You may have everything you need for this version right at home.  Old beaded jewelry can be recycled for this project!

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