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Fan Booklets!

1 Oct




You can use any kind of paper and or cardstock (recycled greeting cards or thank you notes work great) to make these cute little books.



  1. 3×2.5 index cards (This helps avoid too much paper cutting. Plus, we like having lines on one side and blank space for drawing on the other!)
  2. cardstock or old cards
  3. brass brad
  4. hole punch
  5. scissors or paper cutter 


  1. Take a small stack of index cards and use hole punch to make a hole in the upper left hand corner.  We first punched a hole in one stack of three or four cards, then traced the hole onto the top card in the next stack before punching so the holes would line up. 
  2. Cut two pieces of cardstock that are slightly larger than the index cards. (Ours measured 2.75” x 3.25”.)
  3. Put the two pieces of cardstock together with both decorative sides facing outward.
  4. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of the cardstock.
  5. Line up the holes of the index cards with the holes on the cardstock. Thread brad through hole and secure.fan books
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