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Harry Potter Party

15 Jul

This is a bit different from our usual posts, but we wanted to share what we’ve been doing.  In honor of the last Harry Potter movie (opening today), we had a Harry Potter themed party.  We created a lot of cool things for the party, but our favorite was the sweets trolly, modeled from the sweets trolly found on the Hogwarts express.  The cart rolled from room to room and was a big hit with the guests.

To make the cart we covered a borrowed rolling cart with a plastic table cloth and taped a menu on the front.  The menu included:

Pumkin Pasties (We used the recipe found here, but made them slightly smaller, using a 3″ bisquit cutter.) http://www.harrypotterrecipes.net/search/label/pumpkin%20pasties

Chocolate Frogs (We ordered molds and created these with delicious chocolate from The Chocolate Tree.) http://www.thechocolatetree.us/

Acid Pops (We used the recipe found here, but went for smaller pops.) http://www.harrypotterrecipes.net

Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans (We mixed these in with a large quantity of jelly belly beans to make them go farther!)

Droobles Bubble Gum (We just bought fun-colored gum.)

Licorice Wands  (Twizzlers work great.)

Dumbledore’s Lemon Drops (We used Branches)

Other crafty ideas from the party included covering an unplugged floor lamp with a black plastic table cloth and adding a white balloon head with Voldemort’s face drawn on it, and creating a centerpiece with floating candles and a floating Mad-eye Moody eye (one of those plastic eyes that rolls around, always pointing upward.)

Even if you’re not a Potter fan, a sweets trolly would be a fun addition to a party for kids and teens!           

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