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Hanging Vases

2 Sep

IMG_20130902_142521Usually, we make up our own crafts, but we got this idea from Pretty Handy Girl.

It is a fun craft and these will make great presents. You can get the directions HERE.

We decided to make these because we had a lot of bottles like this:


The bottles were cute so we wanted to use them. One thing we did differently was that we used colored wire, and glass beads.


*The worst thing about this craft was removing the labels from the bottles. We finally used cooking oil to loosen the glue, then washed with hot water and cleaned with Windex.

Stamped and Painted Treat Jars

17 Oct



For Painted Jars


 1. Empty glass jars

2. Acrylic paint

3. Paint brushes



 1. Paint the jars and lids any way you want!


For Stamped Jars


 1. StazOn ink pad

2. Foam stamps

3. Empty Glass Jars



 1. Apply ink to stamp pad and stamp on jar!

(Note: think of this as “wrapping paper” for your jar. The ink will wipe off of jars, so use as a quick and cute decoration, but don’t expect it to last a long time. Painted images will last longer. Handwash the interiors gently if you want to reuse.)


Add candy and a battery operated candle for a cute Halloween light!


Placemat Candles

20 Aug

We recycled old translucent placemats to create pillar candle-like covers for battery operated votives! 


  1. Translucent Placemats

  2. Good Hole Punch

  3. Colored Brads                                                                          

  4. Battery Operated Votive Candles

  5. Scissors

Parents may need to help with cutting and hole punching.


  1. Cut straight pieces of placemats

  2. Punch two to three holes in one side

  3. Roll placemat into a tube, making sure the side with holes is on top of the other side.

  4. Using a marker, make dots where holes are so that holes from both sides will line up

  5. Punch holes where marker-dots are with a good hole punch. (A cheap one  may not make it all the way through the placemats.)

  6. Line up holes from both sides and insert brads.

  7. Open brads to secure.

  8. Place placemat tube over votive.  (Remember, use the battery opperated kind only!)

    See how the brads hold the tubes together!If you plan carefully, you can make the tubes different sizes so they will stack for storage.

all crafts Homemade Projects ~ Add Yours {11/22} 
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Mini-Memory Collage

30 Mar

I had a collection of little things that I didn’t want to throw away so I decided to create a college.  Some of the items on my collage are small toys, pieces of hair jewlery, beads, and party favors. 




  1. Trinkets (Broken Jewelry, party favors, souvenirs)
  2. Small piece of foam board or stiff cardboard
  3. Decorative paper. (We used scrapbook paper.)
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. Pencil




  1. Have an adult help you cut a small (approximately 3’x7) piece of foam board or cardboard.
  2. Lay decorative paper on flat surface.
  3. Put foam board on top of paper and trace with pencil.
  4. Trace around the board with pencil.
  5. Cut out shape.
  6. Glue decorative paper to board.
  7. Arrange trinkets on paper.
  8. Glue to board.

Bottle Bottom Pendants

29 Aug

I made these today with my friends.

My mom found a cool blog (http://knit1slip1.com/jewelry/) that showed  how to make beads out of plastic bottles.  We were going to recycle the bottoms of the bottles, but I liked the designs and decided to try making pendants out of them.  They turned out cool. But you need an adult to help with this craft!


  1. Plastic Recyclable Drink Bottles
  2. Sharpie Markers
  3. Candle
  4. Jump Ring
  5. Scissors
  6. Needle Nose pliers

*We used a Dremel drill to put a tiny hole in the plastic for the jump ring.


  1. Cut bottom off of a plastic drink bottle.
  2. Use Sharpies to color inside of bottle bottom.
  3. Grip edge of bottle bottom with pliers.
  4. Carefully hold it over flame until cut edges curl under.
  5. Set on a heatproof surface (like a trivet or a ceramic plate) to cool.
  6. Use drill to put hole in pendant for jump ring.
  7. Thread jump ring through hole.

Note: Work in a well ventilated area.  The plastic will give off some fumes when melting and we can’t know for sure, but you probably shouldn’t inhale them!



all crafts Homemade Projects ~ Add Yours {11/15} 
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Painted Books

16 Aug

Ever notice that some books, especially older ones, are covered in canvas?  They are!  So we thought we’d try painting on a few book canvases.  It was fun.  And the books were free.  We picked them up at the end of a library sale.


Old Books

Acryllic Paint

Paint Brushes


1. Use a pencil to draw a design on the cover of the book you are going to paint.  (Pencil marks erased easily for us after painting was complete.)

2. Dip your paintbrush into paint and begin painting!

Mixing blue and white to make the color for the water was fun!

Try painting both covers for a longer picture, or a front side with a surprise back!

My mom painted this picture of my grandmom's cat.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Recycled Bags Bag

6 Apr

C designed this bag using old chip bags and duct tape for a school assignment.


1. Two large chip bags.

2. Several individual sized chip bags.

3. Duct tape.

4. Two grocery bags.

5. Scissors


1. Cut down one side of each of the large chip bags.

2. Place bags on flat surface, tucking one into the open side of the other.

3. Make sure edges of open sides of the bag are overlapping, then secure by putting duct tape over the overlap all the way down the bag.

4. Flip bag over and secure back side of bag with tape too.

5. Trim tops of individual bags and secure to outside of large bags by putting tape around the edges.  Leave top to bags open to create pockets.

6. Cut side and bottom of grocery bag to create a long flat sheet. 

7. Twist sheet and knot to create a handles.

8. Secure handles in bag with duct tape.

9. Add an inside pocket by taping a small chip bag into the interior of the large bag.

Back side of bag

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