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Fun with Felt

19 Aug

Felt Bags

Locker Magnets

We found these cute bags in the dollar section at Target. Then at Michaels we picked up these creative shapes. It was easy to make the felt bags and magnets.



1. Felt Bags

2. Fun Felt Shapes

3. Gemstones

4. Hot Glue


1. Attach felt shapes and rhinestones to bag using hot glue. If shapes already have adhesive, peel off plastic back before gluing. I still used glue on the shapes with adhesive.

Now you’re done!



1. Fun Felt Shapes

2. Gemstone Shapes

3. Magnets

4. Hot Glue


1. Glue gemstone to felt the fun felt shapes. Let it dry.

2. Cut around adhesive backing if felt shapes have backing. Do not remove backing. Leave backing on if it helps support the felt.

3. Glue magnets to back of shapes. Let it dry before testing it out.

Funky Notebooks

23 Jun

It’s summertime!  So naturally back-to-school sales are already starting!  Be on the lookout for really cheap notebooks and you can have a blast decorating them. We purchased these last year for about 10 cents each.  (These pictures aren’t the greatest, but you get the idea. We’ll post more photos soon.)

Supplies Needed:

1. notebooks

2. Sharpies

3. ribbon

4. stickers


1. Use Sharpies to create design on notebook.

2. Embellish with stickers.

3. Add a ribbon bookmark (like yellow notebook below)  or ribbon fringe (like notebook above.)

To Create Ribbon Fringe:

You can do this any number of ways, but to create the fringe on the blue notebook above we used 21 pieces of ribbon measuring 9 inches each.  First we looped the ribbon through two rings of the spiral binder.  Then we double knotted the ribbon. We went down to the next two rings and repeated the process.  Repeat with same ribbon, or varied colors and widths of ribbon until all fringe runs down the entire spiral.

Fan Booklets!

1 Oct




You can use any kind of paper and or cardstock (recycled greeting cards or thank you notes work great) to make these cute little books.



  1. 3×2.5 index cards (This helps avoid too much paper cutting. Plus, we like having lines on one side and blank space for drawing on the other!)
  2. cardstock or old cards
  3. brass brad
  4. hole punch
  5. scissors or paper cutter 


  1. Take a small stack of index cards and use hole punch to make a hole in the upper left hand corner.  We first punched a hole in one stack of three or four cards, then traced the hole onto the top card in the next stack before punching so the holes would line up. 
  2. Cut two pieces of cardstock that are slightly larger than the index cards. (Ours measured 2.75” x 3.25”.)
  3. Put the two pieces of cardstock together with both decorative sides facing outward.
  4. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of the cardstock.
  5. Line up the holes of the index cards with the holes on the cardstock. Thread brad through hole and secure.fan books

Give Your Pencil a Pedicure!

1 Oct

polish a pencil

We purchased these pencils for less than a penny each at the Staples back to school sale!


  1. Wooden Pencil
  2. Nail Polish
  3. Nail gems


  1. Coat a pencil with nail polish. 
  2. Let it dry and recoat.
  3. Place small nail gems around the top of pencil.
  4. Paint metal banding with a complimentary color.

*TIP:  We stood the pencil in a Styrofoam block so that we could paint all sides at once.  Clay or play dough could also be used  to hold the pencil upright.

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