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What to do with old stuffed toys…

20 Feb

When my dog messed up one of my stuffed animal’s heads, I came up with this idea to give it a new one. I think it turned out cute!


1. Old stuffed animal.

2. Fuzzy fur fabric.

3. Wiggly eyes.

4. Rubber bands.

5. Hot glue.

I liked the way it turned out so much that I tried it with some other old stuffed animals too.


1. Cut the head off of an old stuffed animal.

2. Pull stuffing from the head.

3. Ball up stuffing and place in the middle of a piece of Fuzzy fur fabric.

4. Bunch fabric around stuffing and secure with rubber bands.

5. Stick rubber banded end of fabric into neck hole of stuffed animal.

6. Secure with hot glue.

7. Now you have a body with a fuzzy head. Glue on wiggly eyes and tongue if desired.

This one was definitely improved when I added a fuzzy heard.

Your stuffed animal is revitalized!

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