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Mini Tins

23 Jan

I was getting ready to buy a pill box the other day when I realized it was crazy to pay for something we could make at home.  So here is a new craft with the Altoid box, only this time we used Altoids Smalls tins.


Altoids Smalls boxes Beaded chain Pieces of fabric Metal Scrapbook Letters Gems Strong Glue (We used Crafter’s Pick: The Ultimate)


Start with an empty Altoids Smalls tin Cut out a small lid-sized rectangle of fabric Coat top of box with glue Apply fabric Run beaded chain around box and secure with glue Add letters and gems as desired Done in a jiffy! Now it’s ready for trinkets, pills, paperclips, or pins.




Mint Tin Trinket Boxes

9 Nov

cute boxes


  1.  empty mint tins
  2. decorative tape
  3. sequins
  4. sticky rhinestones
  5. coated wire
  6. small beads
  7. small sharp nail
  8. hammer
  9. scissors


  1. Stick a piece of decorative tape on top of mint tin.
  2. Have an adult help you use the hammer and nail to poke a few holes in box lid.
  3. Place holes in sequins over nail holes.
  4. Cut 2 inch piece of wire with scissors.
  5. Thread bead through wire.
  6. Wrap one end of wire over bead, trim excess, leaving one end of the wire long.
  7. Put wire through hole, pull through, securing sequin
  8. Bend wire inside lid of box to secure.
  9. Repeat process for other sequins.
  10. Add rhinestones.
  11. Cover exposed wire on inside of box with another piece of decorative tape.

altoid and hint mint boxes



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