Altoids Box Suitcase

1 Oct


Make a realistic looking suitcase for your doll.

 This craft is a little more difficult, but we loved the result!


  1. Altoids tin
  2. Sheet of blank paper
  3. Masking tape
  4. Brown shoe polish
  5. coated wire
  6. long bead or several small beads
  7. Small picture-hanging nail
  8. Hammer


  1. Fold sheet of paper until it is slightly smaller than top of Altoids tin.  This will cover the embossed letters, if present.  It will also provide dimension.
  2. Center the folded sheet on top of Altoids tin and secure with masking tape.
  3. Continue to place pieces of masking tape on box until the entire surface is covered.
  4. Using a soft rag apply brown shoe polish to the masking tape.  Wipe off excess with clean rag.  Repeat process for darker color.
  5. Have an adult puncture two holes in side of Altoids tins that is opposite from the hinge. Use picture hanging nail and hammer for this.  (Each of our holes was approximately two centimeters from the edge.)
  6. Thread one end of coated wire through hole.
  7. Add bead or beads.
  8. Bring Wire through other hole and twist to secure.
  9. Decorate your suitcase with small stickers, postage stamps, or home made stickers (directions below.) 

To Make Travel Stickers 


  1. Tiny printouts of travel pictures (we used Microsoft Word clip art)
  2. Transparent tape
  3. Markers
  4. Scissors


  1. Print out small travel pictures. Pictures should be narrow enough to be covered by a single piece of transparent tape.
  2. Color pictures with markers.
  3. Cut out pictures.
  4. Place sticky side of tape over colored side of pictures, leaving edges of the tape exposed.
  5. Carefully cut around pictures leaving a small area of sticky side of tape around the edges.
  6. Apply these picture-stickers to surface of suitcase.

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